Modern application of Voice AI technology

Image of Voice AI header

With the advancement of technology and the gradually increasing use of artificial intelligence, new markets are developed. One of such is the market of Voice AI which became a commercial success with voice bots such as Alexa or Siri. They were mainly used as digital assistants who could answer questions, set reminders and they could generally tap into various databases to provide the aid and service that they were ask to provide. Although the popular use case seems to be primarily domestic, we have long since experienced other applications for Voice AI in areas such as UI speech control, voice recognition and replication and in use within entertainment media.

Faced with the ever-present but ever-growing interest in artificial intelligence which continue to further their influence on society, industry and the commercial landscape, my post will strive to demonstrate and inspect the technologies surrounding the application of Voice AI but also the concurrent obstacles it needs to overcome. However, before we can dive deeper into the topic, it is important to introduce the concept of Voice AI and its general technological workings.

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