Dapp Development on Ethereum

In this blog entry we take a look at how to develop a Dapp (‘decentralized app’) on the Ethereum blockchain network and enhance our development process through Gitlab’s continuous integration (CI) services. It is part of the examination for the lecture “Software Development for Cloud Computing”.

First, all the necessary technologies to develop a Dapp are shown and explained, followed by an example of a crowd funding smart contract. Finally, a possible CI setup for this kind of application is shown.

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[Project] How to build an intelligent mirror

Hello there, today we want to feature a project, we were working in the last semester. A Smart Mirror.
It’s not that new to build such a mirror and we’re not the first who built one. We still wanted to do it in another way with another focus. Instead of focussing on our own needs we wanted to build an open and extendable solution.

[written by Roman Kollatschny and Matthias Schmidt]

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