Why It’s So Easy to Hack Your Smart Home

Every day, new smart home accessories go online for the first time to join the Internet of Things (IoT). Many of them enjoy the unwarranted trust of their owners. This blog post is a case study of the haunted smart home.

Earlier this year, I visited my family for a few days. After sitting and talking at the kitchen table for a bit, they told me about their new smart wall plugs that integrate into their Apple Home ecosystem. Using the plugs, they can turn on their kitchen lights from their phones — or automatically at sunset. Pretty cool. After I had a closer look at one of the plugs, I searched for the brand on the Internet, because I had never heard of it. Turns out, these “Meross Smart Plugs” are the first item that pops up on Amazon when you search for a HomeKit-compatible socket outlet that can switch “dumb” devices like lamps, coffee makers or hi-fi equipment on and off. At the time of writing, they cost about 17 € apiece.

As I had never heard of the brand and I would consider myself somewhat of a curious person, I thought it’d be a good idea to see if it was possible to control these plugs without being a part of the smart home environment. So I continued chatting with my family while investigating the local network.

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A Rant about Smart Home Security Usability

(written by Lena Krächan & Tobias Schneider)


Living in today’s age of mobility and internet of things, residents of modern houses can easily interact with their smart homes. A smart home system is the thing to have. You can dim the lights, regulate the temperature, automatically open windows and doors and manage and manipulate even more things and devices.
At the moment there is a huge interest in the area of smart home systems. Many different providers offer systems and protocols.
Therefore, it is not that simple to find the perfect solution for your own house. First of all, all systems differ from each other. Hence, you need to know what kind of services you want to have. Secondly, security always plays a critical role. Are there any benefits or drawbacks when using a certain system?

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