Systems Engineering and Management WS 2015/2016

The course Systems Engineering and Management is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical studies in Ultra Large Scale Systems and professional state of the art development. Students should find a platform to explore modern tooling and environments for building, integrating, testing and scaling their applications. It turned out as a good idea to adapt and tailor the content to the student needs and interest. This semester we will cover the following topics:

  • Development processes
  • Cloud services
  • Jenkins and integration
  • Container technology and microservices
  • Load balancing and testing
  • Monitoring

Beside these sessions, the students will work in small group on projects around these topics and document them here in this blog. The idea is to create a valuable resource for everybody who’s needs to getting started and trying to find help on exactly his level of knowledge. Questions and comments on the blog posts are highly welcome and  I am excited to see what we’ll see this semester … so happy learning, discussing, exploring – with this course of Systems Engineering WS 2015/2016.

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