Supply chain on Ethereum Network

600 million people – almost every tenth in the world – fall ill every year with contaminated food, 420,000 of them die (cf. World Health Organization 2019). The main reason for this are supply chains that can not be properly traced back to the source of the contamination (cf. Yiannas 2018). Experts say that the blockchain technology is capable of reducing these numbers drastically by increasing traceability in the supply chain. That’s why we wanted to take a closer look at the implementation and benefits of blockchain technology in supply chain management. We decided to build a prototype of an app using ethereum blockchain. 

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How to build fault-tolerant software systems

June 4th, 1996 – Ariane 5 rocket explodes a few seconds after being launched. The disaster was caused by a simple software error [1].

A brief introduction to the fundamental concepts of Erlang and Elixir

Ever since the first electronic systems have been created, engineers and developers have strived to provide solutions to guarantee their robustness and fault-tolerance. Thereof arose the understanding that developing and building a fault-tolerant system is not an easy task, because it requires a deep understanding of how the system should work, how it might fail, and what kinds of errors could occur. Indeed, it became obvious that successful error detection and management are essential for the accomplishment of fault tolerance. That is, once an error has occurred, the system might be able to tolerate it by replacing the offending component, using an alternative means of operation, or raising an exception. However, architectures relying on such approaches exhibited considerable complexity, and thus, resulted in unpredictable and less reliable systems. Consequently, the development of robust and error resistant systems has become an ongoing endeavor for engineers and software developers alike, who evermore intent to develop new approaches to solve this enduring problem inherent to complex systems.

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Spy Gadgets that the most people don’t know

From time to time there are reports in the media about spy cameras in hotels rooms or in Airbnb apartments. These cameras are used to spy the gusts. But there are other spy gadgets then cameras, there are gadgets to attack wireless connections or to collect all keystrokes of a system.

In this article is a list of some spy gadgets and why some off them are illegal in Germany. At the end there are tips to protect against these spy gadgets.

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