WhatsApp encrypts !?


The majority of the 1 billion monthly whatsapp users may be a little confused about the tiny yellow info-box in their familiar chat. End-to-end encryption? Is this one of these silly annoying whatsapp-viruses or maybe something good?

The first big question is “why”. Why do we need a (so complicated) whatsapp end-to-end encryption? The most important answer is obvious: cause the sent messages are highly personal and worthy to protect against third-party attackers or facebook/ whatsapp itself. From facebook’s point of view there are some more reasons like pressure caused by competitors or loss of trust by the users.

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SocialCloud – Services are here to serve – Part 4


‘To Start Press Any Key.’ Where’s the ANY key?

– Homer Simpson –

There are so many possibilities to start the next big thing and the great thing in the IT- world is, that it is happening with every pressing of  ‘any key’ on your Keyboard. So, press these keys and realize great and new ideas.

But there is a problem … TIME.

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