Secure Systems 2016 – An Overview, Walter Kriha


This is an attempt to provide an overview of the topics in “Secure Systems”, a seminar held during the summer term 2016 at the Stuttgart Media University HdM. Presentations have been given and blog entries into our new MI blog were made. With the chosen topics we have been quite lucky, as some of them turned out to be in the headlines sometimes only a few weeks after the presentation. Examples were the Dark Web, wireless car keys, side channel attacks, operating systems security, software supported racism and last but not least the threat of attacks on critical infrastructures like power grids and airports.

Open research questions about the topics will be discussed as well and you can find blog entries at

The seminar structure was roughly as follows:
1. current topics and developments (what is happening in IT-Security, Capability approaches compared to ACLs)
2. infrastructure security (IT-Sec in critical infrastructures like power grids, car production etc.)
3. IT-Security problems in other areas and branches (Satellites, company infrastructures, Law, Data Sciences, Movies and Literature, Dark Web, Botnets etc.)
4. Ways to improve Security:
– Basic problems (psychological factors)
– New languages (Rust, Elixir)
– new operating systems and containers (MirageOS, ChromeOS)
– new protocols (secure end-to-end messaging)

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