Stupid by nature? – How psychology influences our security decisions

This blog post was written by Malte Vollmerhausen and Marc Stauffer.

stupid by natureImagine you are going to a supermarket. You spot a pyramid of Campbell’s tomato soup cans. They are off by 10%. You take a bunch of cans and buy them. As a study shows, you statistically would have bought around 3 cans. Let’s sit into our Dolorian, go back 30 minutes and enter the supermarket again. You’re again seeing the pile of Campell’s (with the 10% discount), but now there is one little addition: a sign saying “Max. 12 cans per person”. As the study states, this time you would bring 7 cans to the cash-point. You made a completely irrational decision, because the sign should in no way have an effect on your decision making process – yet it does. As you can imagine, this problem is also present when facing security decisions.

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Jenkbird – Continuous Integration with Jenkins Tutorial – Part 1

Bad days happen to everyone, but when one happens to you, just keep doing your best and never let a bad day make you feel bad about yourself.”
Big Bird about a day with deployment problems


“Continuous Integration” (CI) and “Continuous Delivery” (CD) are topics every modern software developer should have heard of or at least is pretending to be. But working on student projects you rarely take time to set up a clean environment to integrate, test and deploy your code or trigger any of those tasks automatically. Sometimes you don’t even try to run your code on a real server. Or you might try to deploy your final project at 23:59 o’clock before the submission… GOD BLESS there are automation tools for that nowadays!

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