[Project] How to build an intelligent mirror – Part 3

Matthias Schmidt

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all? It’s you, Albert.
How Albert, our smart mirror, has grown – you can read it here.

[written by Roman Kollatschny and Matthias Schmidt]

In this last article, we will finally show you the result of the project, Albert. Besides the Smartmirror itself, we created a promotion video, wrote a scientific paper and created a technical documentation of the project work.

Promo Video

We produced a Promo Video.

Promo Video


You can get an short impression of our build and development process on this pictures.



In scope of the project, we also wrote a scientific paper about it. In the paper we discuss our plans of the project, the methods we used to build the smart mirror and also have a closer look to the survey we conducted.

“A smart mirror is an enhanced household mirror. It additionally contains a computer display and some sort of computer system to calculate and display information that seems visually embedded in the mirror surface.

As a student project we built our own smart mirror named “Albert”. We initially did some research about existing projects to improve our idea and to see what our main characteristics could be.

We did a survey about the needs and wishes related to smart mirrors in general to ensure focussing on the best technologies and strategies. Our main results and influencing parts are that portrait format of the mirror is preferred and modules like a clock, a calendar and a to-do list are main needs. Voice and gesture control turned out to be the best.

As result of the research and survey we focussed our development to the function modularity and the ability to adapt on persons circumstances with flexible configuration.

The future of Albert could be started by developing additional modules to extend the functionality or integrating other sensors for some added value.”
– Smart Mirror “Albert”: A student project, Abstact

Technical documentation

Besides the scientific paper we also wrote a technical documentation of our project, were we explain the technical details of our project. The documentation includes details of the framework and all the modules we programmed.

If you are interested in our project or have questions about it, feel free to contact us.




Matthias Schmidt


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