Building an HdM Alexa Skill – Part 3

Test-driven Development of an Alexa Skill with Node.js

This is the third part in a series of blog posts in which we will describe the process of developing an Amazon Alexa Skill while focusing on using new technologies like serverless computing and enforcing the use of clean code conventions. We decided for our project to use continuous integration and delivery. For that to work as it should and to prevent unnecessary bugs from being discovered by the user, we relied on test-driven development for our code.

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Building an HdM Alexa Skill – Part 2

Decisions, Developed Modules and Implementation

If you missed the first part you can catch up by reading it here.

In the second part of our blog post series, we first describe what decisions were made in the course of the development process, then we show which code we actually had to develop on ourselves and finally we give an overview on how we implemented the skill.

So let’s get started with how we ended up from the inital idea of developing a chatbot to the development of an Alexa Skill.

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[Project] How to build an intelligent mirror

Hello there, today we want to feature a project, we were working in the last semester. A Smart Mirror.
It’s not that new to build such a mirror and we’re not the first who built one. We still wanted to do it in another way with another focus. Instead of focussing on our own needs we wanted to build an open and extendable solution.

[written by Roman Kollatschny and Matthias Schmidt]

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Test Driven Development Part II

[written by Roman Kollatschny and Matthias Schmidt]

Welcome back to the second article in our Node.js development series. Today, we are going to adapt the TDD cycle in an helloWorld example application. If you missed our first article about the principles of TDD, you can find it here.

In the last article, we learnd about the fundamentals of the test driven development process. That involved the five steps of the TDD cycle, which have to be repeated until the completion of the application. We also had a look at our two frameworks Mocha and Chai that we are using in this tutorial.

Let’s code!
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