Radcup – a socialmedia beerpong App

Immanuel Haag

Written by: Immanuel Haag, Christian Müller, Marc Rüttler

Radcup adds a bit of social media to the well-known game Beerpong. With Radcup the user has the possibility to register or login. Afterwards he can display/localize already existing games and join them if possible or create new games. As soon as 4 players have joined, the real match can begin on a beerpong table. 

Once the game is finished the host adds the result. All Players have the possibility to evaluate past games in their own statistics. 

Radcup was developed years ago. The backend is based on node.js and the frontend is an ionic hybrid app.

In the following blog posts, the procedure of transforming the radcup backend is described based on the main topics. 

The main topics are “ Part 1 – Refactoring”, “Part 2 –  Transition into Cloud” and “Part 3 – Automation of the project-setup with Gitlab CI/CD”. The project was carried out within the scope of the master-lecture system engineering.

Radcup Part 1: Refactoring the backend

Radcup Part 2: Transition into cloud

Radcup Part 3: Automation of the project-setup with GitLab CI/CD

In order to get a better view of the ionic app a few screenshots are shown below:

Landingpage radcup

Login-screen radcup

Game-overview screen

Rules screen

Create new-game screen

New game map-view screen


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