System Theory and an Introduction to Complexity

This article gives an introduction to some important aspects of system theory and system analysis. We present some frameworks and toolsets used for system analysis and summarize some key points of these tools. The article aims to show some of the complexity behind system analysis and why there often is no simple solution. It then follows up with some (not so positive) real-world examples to show what can happen when one does not fully understand the complexity of systems and the causal relations within them.

by Paul Fauth-Mayer and Alexander Merker

Distributed stream processing frameworks – what they are and how they perform

This blog aims to provide an overview about the topic of stream processing and its capabilites in a large scale environment. The post starts with an introduction to stream processing. After that, it explains how stream processing works and shows different areas of application as well as some common stream processing frameworks. Finally, this article will provide a performance comparison of several common frameworks based on benchmarking data.

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