IT-Security in film and fiction

Probably everybody with a background in computer science has already seen a hollywood blockbuster or read a critically acclaimed book which alluded IT-security. It is a popular topic which allows to play with the expectations and fears of the audience. Government agencies are hacked within seconds, security failures happen everywhere, destructive malware infects machines on a global scale and nobody is safe if you are a master hacker. At least this is the general picture that different authors paint in their scenarios.
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Jenkbird – Wrap up & seeing the bigger picture – Part 5

Kchhhhhh, Kchhhhhh, Kchhhhhhh…

– Ernie on companies without CI

bertHello internet and welcome to the last part of our tutorial series about Continuous Integration, Code Deployment and Automated Testing with Jenkins. If you arrived at this post and have read all the others we are very proud of you, hope you enjoyed the journey and learned something along the way.  In this post we are going to discuss and wrap up everything we talked about so far and present an alternative to Jenkins.

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Jenkbird – The art of deployment – Part 2

  One stage. Two stages. THREE STAGES FOR DEPLOYMENT!
Count von Count on his deployment pipeline

Hi, it’s us agaicount_draculan, the guys with the strange idea of using Sesame Street characters in a blog series about CI. Since we didn’t really cover the reasons, why you should use CD / CI, we want to catch up on that this time and therefore talk a bit about popular buzzwords like “Deployment Pipeline” and “Branching”. This might be especially useful, if you want to use the CI methodology for your next project but have to convince your team members of the benefits at first. This post is more abstract than the others, if you just want to get down to the Jenkins business you might skip it (although we don’t recommend it, since we put a lot of love into writing this).

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