Apache Kafka – The one Stream Processor to rule them all?

If there is one statement that can be made about the current developments in the realm of distributed systems, it would probably be how most developers are turning away from a centralised, monolithic architecture and move towards a microservice architecture. This type of architecture proved itself as much more flexible and robust for the modern world where more and more software is offered as a cloud-based solution. By splitting up systems into smaller parts, they can be updated more easily and crashed services can be recovered faster. These services can be containerized with Docker, so quickly putting up and pulling down parts of the infrastructure became very easy. On most occasions it is simply less work to trash a running software instance and recreate it, than logging into the instance and trying to fix what is broken.

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Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography

BB84 Protocol key generation

In a world where political activists and dissidents get persecuted by authoritarian governments, strong cryptography is more necessary than ever. But the general public benefits from it as well. Identity theft, banking fraud and cyber bullying can happen to anybody. The most effective protection is to not make sensitive material available to anybody. Unfortunately some people have an “I have nothing to hide” mentality. But would you post your opened mail to your garden fence? Just because most people are not doing illegal activities, some information is better kept private to stay safe from the aforementioned crimes.

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