SocialCloud – HumHub and the humming begins – Part 7

The background


Locally organized voluntary groups, helping refugees manage their first steps in Germany, are often organized by mass-email with up to 50 recipients. So the huge amount of received emails which should be clarified ends up in a “answer all”-flood of every involved mailbox. Another realistic misbehaviour is that images are sent uncompressed as attachment, so some recipient mailbox exceed their limitation of 25MB per mail. Continue reading

Machine Learning in secure systems

Sadly today’s security systems often be hacked and sensitive informations get stolen. To protect a company against cyber-attacks security experts define a “rule set” to detect and prevent any attack. This “analyst-driven solutions” are build up from human experts with their domain knowledge. This knowledge is based on experiences and build for attacks of the past. But if any attack don’t match the rules, the secure system don’t recognizes it and the security is broken.

The question is: Is there a possibility to train a model based on past attacks to predict further attacks?

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SocialCloud – Cloudy this morning … and we’re scaling – Part 5

Cloud computing has so much potential that the possibilities seem to be endless. Without knowing much about it the cloud looks like a magic place for many people.

Cloud Magic

To give you a more detailed explanation we sum up the design process of our cloud application step by step in the following blog post. Without giving too much away, it can be said that we still put our trousers on one leg at a time ;-).

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Bring your own Device – advisible, but often still harmful


(written by Mona Brunner, Maren Gräff and Verena Hofmann)


Bring your own device (BYOD) is a concept which enables employees to use their personal devices for work. The most poplular devices are smartphones and tablets, however, notebooks can also be included as well. Using their own device employees can access their work Emails, calendar as well as other company data on their own devices.
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SocialCloud – Services are here to serve – Part 4×18-l2Je1wHsHqDv2aIne

‘To Start Press Any Key.’ Where’s the ANY key?

– Homer Simpson –

There are so many possibilities to start the next big thing and the great thing in the IT- world is, that it is happening with every pressing of  ‘any key’ on your Keyboard. So, press these keys and realize great and new ideas.

But there is a problem … TIME.

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SocialCloud – You got cloudified – Part 3

At the beginning of our project we had little experience in “that cloud thing everyone is talking about”. Just like Gary Klinman from Hewlett Packard pointed out, we already knew that it is possible to “back things up to the cloud”, but in our imagination “the cloud” seemed more like a fancy slogan than a clear technical concept of providing data and processing resources. Continue reading