TLA+ and PlusCal Appetizer

“Temporal logic of actions (TLA) is a logic developed by Leslie Lamport, which combines temporal logic with a logic of actions. It is used to describe behaviours of concurrent systems.” [1]

TLA+ is a formal specification language built on top of the TLA logic. It is used to design and verify the correct behavior of programs and is especially useful in distributed and concurrent systems. PlusCal is a formal specification language as well that gets transcompiled to TLA+. It is used to specify algorithms.

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Industry 4.0 – Real time data visualization

By Alexander Allerdings, Philip Betzler, Robin Deeg and Niklas Werth.


As part of the lecture “System Engineering and Management”, we worked on a project in cooperation with IBM (in particular with Plamen Kiradjiev, C.T.O. Industry 4.0, Thomas Pohl, IBM Software Architect and lecturer at the HdM (System Engineering and Management), and Francis Powlesland, Cloud Application Architect) to visualize Industry 4.0 data in real time using a configuration-based approach. This project aims to avoid needing a web developer every time there is a modification in the data. The result will later be published as an open source project.

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Production Monitoring – Industry 4.0

When I was invited to a design thinking workshop of the summer school of Lucerne – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, I made my first experience with the end user interaction part of Industry 4.0. It was an awesome week with a lot of great people and made me interested in the whole Industry 4.0 theme. So when we did projects in the lecture of cloud development I was sure to do a production monitoring project. Continue reading