Industry 4.0 – Real time data visualization

By Alexander Allerdings, Philip Betzler, Robin Deeg and Niklas Werth.


As part of the lecture “System Engineering and Management”, we worked on a project in cooperation with IBM (in particular with Plamen Kiradjiev, C.T.O. Industry 4.0, Thomas Pohl, IBM Software Architect and lecturer at the HdM (System Engineering and Management), and Francis Powlesland, Cloud Application Architect) to visualize Industry 4.0 data in real time using a configuration-based approach. This project aims to avoid needing a web developer every time there is a modification in the data. The result will later be published as an open source project.

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SocialCloud – Cloudy this morning … and we’re scaling – Part 5

Cloud computing has so much potential that the possibilities seem to be endless. Without knowing much about it the cloud looks like a magic place for many people.

Cloud Magic

To give you a more detailed explanation we sum up the design process of our cloud application step by step in the following blog post. Without giving too much away, it can be said that we still put our trousers on one leg at a time ;-).

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